Artwork > it sounds like a river leaping and falling, it sounds like a body falling apart

It Sounds Like a River Leaping And Falling, It Sounds Like A Body Falling Apart is an immersive sound environment created in collaboration with Viola Arduini, Dylan McLaughlin, and Erin Gould. The title is drawn from the poem Night and the River in honor and remembrance of the work of poet Mary Oliver.

Each artist developed a sound work focused on a different notion of body – the body of earth/geology (McLaughlin), the intimacy of the human body (Gould), the human genome (Arduini), and the communicative functions of bodies in flight (Zeglin).

Each sound track was designed independently and mixed collaboratively, and the final tracks were combined in real time using a quadrophonic mixer/oscillator creating an experience of unplanned, emergent, and constantly recombining sound.

Visitors were encouraged to relax into the sound and sit or lie on the gallery floor, allowing themselves to become the bodily locus of multiple sound/body reflections combined.

It Sounds Like A River Leaping And Falling, It Sounds Like A Body Falling Apart, April 2019. John Sommers Gallery, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.

Artists: Jessica Zeglin, Viola Arduini, DylanMcLaughlin, Erin Gould.