Projects > A Quiet But Not Empty Place

My solo exhibition A Quiet But Not Empty Place was shown at Trapdoor Projects Gallery in March of 2020. Stay tuned for installation images to be shown here!

The city of Albuquerque grows interlaced with the high desert grasslands it inhabits. These grasslands are not vacant spaces to be used up and filled up, but are active, multi-storied matrices for life. Grasslands emerge through the conversations of their inhabitants—from the sets of dynamic relationships, life stories, death stories, homes, songs, and half-heard whispers we exchange. Zeglin's work invites the viewer to consider the daily lives of what is underfoot, to build awareness of the subtle, and to step out of normal sensory modes to engage with perception of what is or isn’t there. What are the conversations of the grasslands? How can we begin to approach the land without needing to understand or translate, but with an appreciation for silence? In response to these questions, this exhibition cultivates a welcoming space for deep listening to the often unheard, but ever-present, conversations of the grasslands.