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Jessica Zeglin

Artwork and the creative process can help us explore our ways of understanding nature. The way humans interact with nature has changed drastically over time and across cultures. How do we use nature today? When and how do we view animals, plants, and the environment as separate from or integrated with our society? What can the human animal learn from other creatures and environments to help us through tough times?

I use visual allegory, representation, and abstraction in the painted and sculptural form to explore these questions. Across media my work retains emphasis on use of strong defining lines and fields of color to delineate space. I also like to play around with tone, surrealism, and juxtaposition of organic and inorganic shapes. My work incorporates a range of materials from wooden panels, acrylic paints, and handmade paper lanterns to bent wire and the occasional found object. I seek to strike a balance between well-considered conceptual content and spontaneity in the creation of artwork.

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